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The Bee Hive

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How it Started...


In the summer 2012, after my father passed away of cancer, we decided to start making blankets for the Cancer Comprehensive Clinic and Cure 4 the Kids to help our family heal. This act of kindness was the beginning to of our amazing journey in helping our communities by spreading love and Aloha.

Fall into Fashion

October 27, 2018

This was the very first event that the Bee Hive women organized! We invited more than 100 women from various shelters and low-income communities to come and “shop” our gently used clothing and accessories completely free of charge! They received a fashion show to demonstrate how to put together outfits for interviews. This event was very successful and heart warming, it ignited the creation of the full force Bee Hive Organization. For more information about The Bee Hive visit www.thebeehive or our Instagram @the_bee_hive_buzz

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