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The Opened Book Podcast

The Opened Book Podcast is a platform of discussion for many topics. They range anywhere from controversial subjects to light-hearted matters. Some of these conversations are powerful enough to leave you in tears and helpful enough to share with others! The Opened Book Podcast will have numerous guests from all walks of life as they bravely share their stories. Past episodes include teen pregnancy, cultural differences, families in law enforcement, and 4th-trimester blues (which is provided above). Enjoy, share and subscribe to our Youtube channel, The Beehive Buzz, also linked below!

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 What's in Your Cup? The Podcast with J & B

Join us we pour our real life laughs and love, cries and cringes, talking about motherhood and marriage, leadership and life! All in hopes to fill your cup with each episode. We invite you to sit back and sip with us as we spill what life is all about.

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