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Children's Habitat

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

One of my favorite places in the world is my classroom. I am in love with being there and just simply staring at their little curious faces as I watch them achieve and conquer their goals. I have never considered this a job. I have always known this to be my passion, my achieved dream and what I wanted to spend my days doing. I have always loved learning in a different way… I've been in the educational field for 20 years. I've spent this time in different schools, classes, and different learning environments. Special Education was extremely rough on my inner soul because I found myself to be extremely exhausted at the end of the day with no energy or patience to care for my own children at home. I knew that was not my niche, then stumbled up Early Childhood Education after moving to Las Vegas. I knew in that moment, that this is where I would spend all my days. The rest is history. My teaching techniques are very different, I will say that I am a mix between Montessori, a dab of Bank Street Style , a sprinkle of Waldorf, with a dab of Reggio Emilia and a whole lotta ALOHA. I teach all my keikis that kindness rules over knowing your colors and love conquers all. We focus a lot on mindful experiences as well as structure and strengths. We have fun and most of the children that leave our school know that they can and will achieve anything.

Ps: If you are one of my Preschool Parents or even one of my students, Thank You for being amazing!

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